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Cindy G.

Mixed Media Artist and Art Journaler



Master 5 Complex Pattern Techniques Workshop

Hi everyone. I'm Cindy, a mixed media artist and art journaler, and I love color, patterns, paint, fabric, stitching, and more! I also love Bonnie and her classes. I am taking her workshop to push myself to explore pattern design further. I would really like to learn how to translate my quirky style of art into pattern design. I have played with patterns and illustrator a little but am still a total beginner.

I played with some pattern beginnings awhile back with Bonnie but had some other things get in the way of my progress. So I plan to pick those back up and hopefully complete at least one of them. You can see the start of them below.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's beautiful work!

Master 5 Complex Pattern Techniques Workshop - November 2017 - Starts Here:


I'm behind but determined. I have a lot more to practice when it comes to getting comfortable working in Illustrator. My sketches definitely needed to be cleaned up more but I went ahead and played with them to just get some practice with pattern design.

Here's what I have so far and I'm still playing and learning. :)




Diagonal Repeat




HOMEWORK Phase 2 - Sketch, Scan and Vectorize (Due Saturday, December 2, 2017)

Photo of Sketches - Done

Working on sketches from previous workshop ideas that I never got put into illustrator. I'm just focusing on the Pods & Peonys for now. I added some new elements and decided not to use some of them.



Sketches vectorized - Done

Here's what made it into illustrator. I may have to do a little cleanup as I work more on them but I think I'm happy with them so far. 


HOMEWORK Phase 1 - Skills Refresh + Introductions (Due Wednesday, November 29, 2017)

Intro - Done

Create Project - Done







Phase 1 - Background/Fundamentals - Done

Watched videos and got my workspace all set up.

Phase 2 - Inspiration & Sketching:

All my sources are from pinterest for now because of time constraints. I do have them referenced on my pinterest boards. I totally agree with Bonnie's point on sourcing your own photos when you can. :)

Pattern and Moodboad #1 - Pods & Peonys


I love being inspired by nature and a lot of my mixed media and art journals reflect that. I tend to do "imaginary" nature that's inspired by real. My love for flowers, vintage, and color came into play to inspire this theme.

Pods & Peonys Pencil Sketches:









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