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Sydney Kranz

Licensed Massage Therapist



Massage Therapist Manifesto

While I don't exactly fit the target audience, I took the class because I've been pursuing a more self-employed route ever since obtaining my licensure for massage last September. It's been challenging, and trying to figure out what I'm doing in this industry makes my decision to pursue school (a six year process) look like a piece of cake!

Working through the course and reading more blogs from entrepreneurs, it's becoming clearer to me that I have a natural inclination towards being my own boss, but I really lack the confidence and energy right now to jump headfirst into that arena. Admitting that building my self-confidence is important is a little embarassing but also pretty liberating. 

The further I went through the course and reflected on what my life and work look like right now compared to what I want, the more I feel that pursuing the self-employed route is something I can accomplish and be successful at. The kicker is that I really would prefer to do that on the side while holding a stable, well-enough paying job that will provide health benefits and a retirement savings plan. This would replace the restaurant job I am thankful for but ready to move on from.

From what I've gathered rereading my notes, building my confidence and being open with others about my strengths and skillset are what I'm going to concentrate on in the interim, particularly with building my practice. Creating a 'pitch,' following-up with clients, and making it easier for people to contact me to book appointments are all concrete steps related to my becoming more open and confident. This will not only help me build a business, but will impact many facets of my life as I continue to grow.


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