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Mass Effect Characters


Characters are by far my favourite thing to draw, I knew early on that I wanted to create a series of character icons for this project.

I wanted to create a set which people could recognize instantly. Something fellow fanatics of the subject could appreciate right away. It had to be something I had investment in, characters that were distinctive and that I would enjoy recreating. After a branching off on this tangent, my brainstorm ignited. It was simply a case of deciding the source of these characters. 

Long story short, inspiration struck and I choose science fiction video game series, Mass Effect, as the basis for my set. A fictional series which deals with momentous decisions, pivotal consequences and most importantly, unique and profound characters. Perfect.



After sourcing a little inspiration

I began sketching and pulling in techniques from my references. For now I’d concentrate on nailing 4 of my favourites characters, each more unique and challenging than the last.


It was tricky at first, to capture these characters in a style that I’m not accustomed to draw in. When I got to a stage where I was happy-ish with my sketches, I opened Illustrator and began experimenting with ways of building these from basic shape combinations.

The chosen palette feeds directly from the Mass Effect logo, and N7 symbol worn on the chest of the main protagonist.


These still quite basic, but a nice foundation I think and a fun experiment for sure. Looking forward to developing the techniques I've used here and creating a few more characters in the weeks to come.

Critique is encouraged. Thanks for taking the time to read!




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