Masquerate - student project

Masquerate is an outlet to explore sexuality through the art of masquerade.  Share your most intimate, tantalizing moments in masked anonymity and show how sexy you really are.

Masquerate - image 1 - student project


Photos are rated through positive reinforcement, since they can only be liked or skipped--not disliked.  To like a photo, the user clicks the heart icon to proceed to the next photo.  If a photo is not well liked, the user clicks the arrow icon to skip ahead to the next photo.  Registered users can log into their accounts to view the number of favorable ratings they have received.  If photos do not garner high ratings, users are encouraged to explore new techniques.


Registered users upload personal photo content, access personal photo ratings, and rate photos of registered users.  Unregistered users can solely rate photos of registered users.


This website is targeted towards individuals that dare to try something new in the bedroom, whether by themselves or with partners.  By masking the face, users conceal their identities while simultaneously performing digital exhibitionism.

Masquerate - image 2 - student project

G. G
President/CEO at MASQ'D Entertainment