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Illustrator/Graphic Designer at INobice



Masking in Procreate


CLASS PUBLISHED!!! Yay!!! Can’t wait to see if people like it and their class projects! :) :) :)

Here is the class description:

Digital painting is a great addition to our creative repertoire. It permits us to include texture, transparency, symmetry, repetition, distortion, perfect shapes... to our artworks super quickly but, if we want to get the most of it, we must learn how to use properly the tools that it has to offer.


In this class, we will learn all about two fantastic tools that will make our lives much more easier: layer masks and clipping masks. Thanks to these tools we will speed up our drawing process and stop making destructive edits to our drawings.


We will start learning what masking is and the different ways we have to mask an image in Procreate. Then we will talk about layer masks and clipping mask, how to create, modify and the differences between them. And finally, I will show you when and how I use them to create illustrations, lettering effects, animations...

We will learn:

  • How clipping and layer masks work and when to use them.
  • To create smooth transitions between textures and colors (gradients).
  • To intertwine letters and images.
  • To add a pattern, gradient or texture to our lettering.
  • To composite and blend images.
  • To animate a drawing.
  • To make collages.
  • To make mockups.

This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to use Procreate to its fullest potential. I will explain everything step by step but you will make the most of this class if you have basic knowledge of Procreate.

Let’s stop erasing and start masking! 


Here is my visuals planning template:




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