Maryse's project

Maryse's project - student project

Parked Venice gondolas rocking on water at sunrise

Maryse's project - image 1 - student project

gondolas, Venice, Italy, water, sunrise, morning, canal, tourism, parking, rocking, Grand Canal, early, dawn, waiting, transport, boat, traditional, famous, historic, Venezia, Europe, postcard, romantic, vacation, sway, tranquility, well known, venetian, landmark, travel, handheld, pan left, establishing, real time, nobody, no one

Thunderstorm beach background with multiple lightning strikes

Maryse's project - image 2 - student project

Lightning, rain, cloud, thunderstorm, storm, climate, rainfall, strike, beach, sky, nature, weather, cumulonimbus, precipitation, natural phenomena, dark sky, power, impact, charge, voltage, element, troposphere, jolt, current, wonder, fear, danger, threat, menace, ground, science, meteorology, shore, coast, sea, Mallorca, Alcudia, Balearic, landscape, scenic, real time, wide shot, static

Woman running in park with fog and dawn orange light
Maryse's project - image 3 - student project

Woman, run, park, sunrise, fog, morning, jogging, orange, nature, training, sport, discipline, alone, practice, early, dawn, tree, path, passing by, beauty, cardio, outdoors, goal, perseverance, endurance, activity, baseball cap, pink, sweatshirt, girl, health, fitness, exercise, long shadow, wide shot, centred, backlight, static, Montreal, Canada