Mary and Richard follow Kelly....

Mary and Richard follow Kelly.... - student project

Okay, so my folks weren't Southern, and my mom worked instead of learning Southern cooking.  Richard is a Yankee (hanging my head in shame), but he's a good guy and likes Souther fried chicken.  We used Hungarian paprika...ooooooo, tasty but warm.  One thing we learned:  the wok worked but a cast iron skillet would have been so much better,   Best tip from Kelly:  if the chicken doesn't seem done enought, put it in the oven.  Not necessary at all with this but a good tip to remember.   We may try the same idea but without using the buttermilk in the final step.  Sort of a Kelly Original Recipe as opposed to the Kelly's Chicken Extra Crispy.  Lots of fun~

Mary and Richard follow Kelly.... - image 1 - student project