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Mary Had A Little Lamb!!

Must say enjoyed every lesson,though i am soon going to come up with new Artwork with the lessons learnt, for now this is what I came up with while following the lessons.

I created 2 drawings, one displays the daughter and father and the other Owl's as character. 

Moodboard: I pulled inspiration from Pinterest.

Color Palette: I love soft colors and already had  a color palette in mind and I even found one online

Text: For my text, I would be honest while I was drawing I did not realise this however once the drawing was done, I just thought this would fit well. (A Daughter's First Love: DAD).


Show your process: I follwed along the lesson and came up with the drawing

Finished art piece: As in the workshop, I jumped to Zazzle to place the drawing on the Greeting Card, I think this would make a nice Wall Art as well or would look great on Mug. I tried few mockups.



Another drawing, OWL-WAYS LOVE YOU


Would really appreciate feedback.I am sure there is room for improvement and would post new drawings.

Okay, here is my another attempt, trying to draw a Lamb and a Girl...After some work around I came up with another idea to make this little more realistic to the poem.

Here is my first atttempt:


And here is the second one, most of the elements are geometric, and yes of course few manipulated with the help of Software (illustrator) to create the effect.


How is it?




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