Maruyama Senmaita 丸山千枚田

Maruyama Senmaita 丸山千枚田 - student project

I think Im done with this painting but I might still go over the houses or do additional touches...maybe not.

It was pretty difficult than I thought it would be.

Questions like "how thick should i make the line?" "how much should the underpainting show?" and more q's kept on popping up in my head. 
I think i got the general feel but i still need to practice different brush strokes.


But overall I enjoyed it.

Maruyama Senmaita 丸山千枚田 - image 1 - student project



This is my favorite landscape. Its in Japan where I took my parents-in-law by car to see, in Wakayama prefecture called Maruyama Senmaita(和歌山、丸山千枚田)where rice paddy fields are and great to visit during summer.

Maruyama Senmaita 丸山千枚田 - image 2 - student project

Im very terrible at sketching landscapes but always good to get the basics down. I think I am the only one that understands this but anyhow I did 1 min drawing of the sections of the landscape above that I will be using.

Maruyama Senmaita 丸山千枚田 - image 3 - student project


Here, I worked on lesson 4, laying open impressionistic strokes.

The first one is mountain, then the reflection and the sky.

Maruyama Senmaita 丸山千枚田 - image 4 - student project

















Before going to #5 of the lesson and doing the underpainting, instead I

wanted to make sure I use a better choice in colors, I jumped to #6 of the lesson.

Don't mind the gestural sketch of a starbucks cup instead of a pear ( ´艸`)

I drew a color wheel and looking at the landscape, chose three paintings color notes I would like to try.

Maruyama Senmaita 丸山千枚田 - image 5 - student project


Then I worked on painting the color notes.

Maruyama Senmaita 丸山千枚田 - image 6 - student project

I was planned on trying the middle, but then eventually used light green for the final. 

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