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Paul Mullen

Graphic Designer



Martinez & Mullen

When I first read the brief I knew straight away I wanted to make a crest for my girlfriend and I. She is the reason I got back into the design industry. If it wasn't for her support in the early years of our relationship I wouldn't be where I am today.

We both live in Aberdeen, Scotland. Her mother was born in Glasgow and married a Chilean from Tocopilla. Both my parents were born and married in Coatbridge (just outside of Glasgow). Both families moved to Aberdeen in the 80s.

When I started to think about it more, this new crest shouldn't just be an amalgamation of our families, but more about what us as a couple.

We are both foodies, we love eating, cooking and eating some more. We love beer, and good beer at that. A nice beer with a cheese board has to be one of our favourite pastimes. In 2012 we began to homebrew and like cooking, it's another great way to spend time together.

Stage 1: Research

Stage 2: Development

Based on the initial research, I started to develop an idea based on some quick sketches.

Main points I wanted to include.

  • Food
  • Beer
  • Tea
  • Homebrew
  • Heritage
  • And the only Spanish I picked up.

Stage 3: Colour Development

I wanted to create a design that was adaptable and could work in different situations.

Stage 3: Final Design

Overall it was a fun project, might revisit this again and tighten the type. But overall am a happy man. Hopefully the girlfriend likes it!


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