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Martin Fuentes - Business Card

It's harder than it looks. 

For my first draft, I triend balancing out the type elements in a 2x2 grid. 


It looked rather plain, so I broke up those elements, giving them more spacing. The text on the card was heavy on the left, so I put the most important elements (website; #) on the right. Even though these two components are the smallest, I feel more emphasis is placed because of the white space around it.

For my third draft, I decided to play up the text a bit; give it some character. For the end result, I used my last name to compose the 'I' for my first name. I then took it one step further, and used the line/white space in between the 'i' and 'n' as a guide to put down all my information down.

For my fourth draft, I decided to shake things up even more, and do a vertical layout for this. The bottom of the 'n' is served as a guide for the remaining text.


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