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Martian Explorers!

Space: the final frontier! I've always had an interest in space and its exploration. Human beings can do some crazy stuff! I had so many different ideas for projects that I might be doing more in the future (Voyager probes, our closest neighboring stars).

I started by researching what active Mars explorers there are at the moment. The orbiters are the Mars Express, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, the Mars Odyssey, and the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) Mission. I also need to add the Mars Orbiter Mission from India. I love the clever acronyms people come up with for the missions.

Curisousity and Opportunity are the only two rovers active right now. Spirit (seen on the drawing) is actually inactive, so I'll be leaving that off the final piece.

Here's a rough layout:


I'd call this my rough draft 2.0. Not totally satisfied with the composition. Still working out where things should crop and intersect. I like the scale of the objects, trying to balance how easy they are to see versus how much space they take up.


I'm going to do more detailed pencil sketches of the explorers and scan them instead of doing them purely digital. I'm more use to working digital so I jumped right into that, but I would like to see how the pencil sketches turn out. Should I try and personify the orbiters and probes with little faces or just leave it as is? I also think it would be cool to put some little data boxes to accompany each explorer with facts like arrival date, duration, main functions, or maybe just one interesting fact. Any other things people want to know about the explorers?

Feedback is most welcome! Thanks for checking out my project!


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