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Marta's Sketchbook

My name is Marta. I'm studing fashion design. I've chosen this class because I would like to make some art every day. To create my every day habit. It is very appealing.

Day 1

I've taken a small strainer and water colors.



Day 2

I could draw MY FAVORITE THINGS so I've chosen few looks from the last show of Giorgio Armani (SS2016). I spent some time to draw, no rush. But I would like to add some colors. Maybe another day.


Day 3

I got limited time for adding color to my previous work. Only 5 minutes. Tools: ProMarkers pens, crayons, roller pens. I like it :)


Day 4

I chose a SLEEPING ROOM within this day. So I tried to draw something there. Something that means w plant. With a roller pen. At the end I added some color.


Day 5

Oh, now! The challenge is to draw every day for more 10 days. We will see, we will see... And this day art is just some lines and colors but very cute :) Don't you think so?



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