Marrakech *Updated with gif of process*

I've just got back from a week long trip to Marrakech which gave me the perfect opportunity to put the tips from Dan's skillshare course into practice. I watched the range of video's before I went with all the apps installed on my iPhone and ready to go. The only app I had been using before Dan's course was VSCO so I was eager to see how a few other Apps used in conjunction with it could really enhancce my photographs.

We were in Marrakech for seven days and wanted to see most of the Medina (The Old City) and the surrounding Atlas Mountains.

The Medina

Here are some of original photos taken around the city. I haven't edited any of these yet. They're all quite raw and would need some work before I could post them to Instagram and VSCO grid. The plan was to use TouchRetouch, Snapseed, SKRWT and then finally VSCOcam for the editing process.

• Marrakech Museum

• Ben Youssef Medersa 

• Shop front near El Badi Palace

• Medina Souks

Ben Youssef Medersa step by step:

We got up extra early to go visit the Ben Youssef Medersa, a religous school founded in the 14th century. The stand out prayer hall was the most elaborate room with decorative aspects from top to bottom. We had the place to ourselves and the building was stunning, you could spend hours in here taking photos from every angle.

Original photo

The photo needs straightening, improvements with the colours and I also want to take out the pigeon at the end of the pool using TouchRetouch.

TouchRetouch and SKRWT

I started off in TouchRetouch and took out the tiny pigeon at the end of the pool. I then imported the photo into SKRWT to straighten the photo slightly.


I then took the photo into Snapseed and made adjustments to the pool, coloured tiles and brickwork. This app is great to make the image pop and improve individual elements of the photo. It makes a huge difference to the photo.


I then made my final edits in VSCOcam, I've been using it heavily already but Dan's tips around the specific edit features such as a subtle sharpen on a photo make a huge difference.

• The final image edited in VSCOcam. Preset S2 with various tweaks in Exposure, Contrast and Sharpen. 

Instagram link

Other Final Images from the Medina:

Marrakech Museum: The final image edited in VSCOcam. Preset C2 with various tweaks in Exposure, Contrast and Sharpen.

Instagram link

• Shop front near El Badi Palace: Final edit in VSCOcam using preset C3. Instagram link

• Medina Souks: I had to use SKRWT quite a bit for this image to get the correct angle. Final edit in VSCOcam using preset F2. Instagram link

Atlas Mountains

We also visited the Atlas Mountains which are just outside of Marrakech here are a few of my favourite shots:

• Preset T1

• Preset F2

• Preset T1

• Preset C1

• Preset T1


I've been going through all my photos and picking out my favourites. I particularly liked this photo because of the contrasting colours between the car, brick work of the building and the purple shop signs. I've created this gif to show the differences between the first image and the last edit in VSCOcam.

• 1 no changes

• 2 PhotoRetouch

• 3 Snapseed

• 4 VSCO Preset T1

Thanks for looking...I'm @imsctt on Twitter & Instagram


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