Marquee is a location-based, incentive-driven mobile platform that allows performing artists to directly reward fans for attending their concerts.

The Marquee mobile platform allows fans to check-in to a show through their smartphone or social media accounts, and instantly receive exclusive content – such as music downloads, free-tickets to upcoming shows, and exclusive interactive experiences with the artist.

In return, the management teams receive contact information and will gain invaluable insights into their fans actual behaviors by tracking: the total number of shows attended in a given time frame, markets in which those were attended, and the average disposable income spent on those shows.

Music industry professionals and decision makers have never had access to such complete information. Moreover, a platform like this has never been directly marketed to the artist’s management and publicity teams.

In short, Marquee is a fun and engaging gaming platform for fans and an invaluable marketing tool for artists that aims to fully connect artists and fans.

The Marquee team has worn a few different hats in the music industry. We’ve been musicians, managers, journalists, and last but not We absolutely live for live music. Seeing concerts from backstage, onstage and in front of the stage has left us with one underlying assumption: artists and their teams are struggling to directly connect with their fanbase.

Brandon Chiat

Co-Founder at Marquee Mobile Media