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Kimberly Maroon

Photographer / Designer




Ross Alley | Chinatown, San Francisco, CA

A woman at the Academy of Art directed me to find Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory in Ross Alley. I stopped in here for awhile just watching people pass through. The guy with the skateboard reminded me of Chinese New Year...the year of the Goat. I'm hoping to return on March 7th for the Chinese New Year Parade. 

Sunset District | San Francisco, CA

Sutro Baths, Ocean Beach, Lands End | San Francisco, CA

A few candids from this area of San Francisco. I really liked the reflections people and the landscape cast in the pools of water. 

2015 February 21st | The Tenderloin, San Francisco

I was waiting anxiously for the bus to pick me up at Market & Hyde. The Tenderloin is San Francisco's last original neighborhood while also the most dangerous. You have to take time to look even when you're stuck in a nerve-wracking moment. Instead of focusing on getting on the next bus to get out as fast as possible, I held out the 14 minutes for the 71. The golden-hour hit people in just the right ways while they waited, got on and off buses, and crossed the street.  

Here's a few others I snapped that afternoon...

2015 February 20th | Valentines' Day at Bi-Rite Market

This past weekend I spent part of Saturday in Ocean Beach and the later part of the day in the Mission. I was losing light pretty quickly as I circled the block for parking around Bi-Rite Market. I wasn't expecting I'd break out the camera as I shopped for local produce and their famed ice cream. They had bouquets of flowers for sale outside the market, promoting Valentines Day. I liked the light from the market spilling out onto the sidewalk scene and the light from the sign filling in the details.

I did something I never do-- I asked the girl making bouquets if I could take her photo. I don't know why I was compelled to ask in that instance, anytime I'm shooting street photography I make it a point not to make myself known. I like to capture people naturally in their own place. I lingered there taking photos for about 5-10 min before I bought a yellow rose for myself and took off. 

I like to capture the "look down" sometimes.

I spent my first weekend on the west coast split between the city and the shore. Saturday I walked all over San Francisco, trying to understand the layout of the city and some of the neighborhoods. I was also paying attention to how people reacted to my camera. New York City has been comfortable for me to shoot street work, I can easily disappear into the mass. On the other end, in Boston I blend with the student population so it appears that I'm on a school assignment. Street photography is unique in the sense that it's more an exercise in psychology and heightened focused observation combined with a magic act of disappearing. How will I shake my fear of being seen (see motion blur image) and tackle more of San Francisco?

I was surprised to find I had more images that fit the assignment from my morning in Santa Cruz, CA. And also more from my iPhone. The look up shot was my favorite to capture and compose. Timing played a big part. 

candid portrait

blurred motion/portrait

look up

night shot/portrait


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