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Marlborough Sounds

I took the photo below some weeks ago in the Marlborough Sounds (New Zealand, South Island). The cover photo is my first version of croping before taking this course.

As you can see the horizon isn't straight but else, I like it :) Now below the cropping and straightening after listening to Tyler:

Straight horizon while beach and the little island are aligned using the rule of thirds. What do you think?

and below the colour adjustments (just very light)

The idea was to bring out the lush green and the hint of red in the flowering tree in the left corner.

Now, I probably have overdone it a bit, although I quite like the result :) Essentially, I have added 2 layers of sharpening the beach and 2 layers of gradients, one to enhance the green tone of ocean and another for a bluer sky. The latter actually used the method described in the provided resource.

the next one has merged the layers and applied dodge. I experimented with burn and blur. neither resulted in anything I liked and I'm not progressing this image with it.

This is the vintage version of the above. Looking pretty much like my Grandpa's old photos :) nice - I prefer colour!

and finally the assignment:


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