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Marks and some(times) feelings about Modernism

A look at one of my references can be had over in the actual thread put up by Nicole:

As for mark making, where James says he cannot draw (well), I really can't draw at all (for now). My mark making focused more on elemental forms and shading. it was a lot of fun and a real good use of these neat graphite sticks I've had laying around.





Update One: Bombing and Burning (Part 1; Paging Dr Molotow):

So now on to some paint marker and brush fun, heeding the advice to "never ride stock" and hacking the crap out of the marker nibs with an exacto and "post processing" some of these with some paintbrushes I copped from CVS.

These are all pretty raw, real quick snaps with the camera and basic white balance in photoshop to ditch a blue cast and thats about it, as you can see some color shifting on the bottom edges. Thanks/curses to Mr. Victore for getting me hooked on graffitti gear.


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