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I've been noticing this type of texture used in e-mail campagins from small online retailers to larger companies. I absolutely love the look and how much it can add to a simple design. I work for a small boutique and wanted to learn this so I can use it in our e-mail campagins as well as our social media outlets. 

I created two designs using the glitter. For the first design, I really like the look of the brush stroke element, so I decided to just use one of the brushes that I have saved on my computer and ended up making just a simple gif where the colors of the glitter change. The second image I just created a real simple black background, white text, glitter border and repeated that glitter in the percentage.

I just quickly created these designs but now that I have the knoweldge of how it's done I can't wait to play with it more and do different things. 




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