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Marketing the Time in Yellowstone series

The Time in Yellowstone series, a trilogy of novels plus a short story, is a set of historical adventures with a time travel element.  All four books are available in paperback and as ebooks through multiple vendors.  "Homesick," the short story (both paper and e versions), contains the first chapters of all three novels. 


In 1959, 20-year-old college dropout Chuck McManis strolls the geyser boardwalks in Yellowstone National Park when an earthquake plunges him eighty years back in time, into the middle of an Indian war.  Into his personal past, too – his great-grandfather, his boyhood idol, but not a hero after all.  Hapless Chuck needs instructions for sheer survival. He will not abandon Eliza Byrne, the woman who teaches him.  But nothing matters if they never make it back to civilization.  No matter when it could be.

Stowaway.  When Karin Myre, a Norwegian seamstress's assistant, catches the excitement of the Klondike Gold Rush, she decides to head north, but how?  Impulsively, she sneaks on board one of the dozens of ships in Seattle's harbor only to find herself trapped in the cargo hold with a host of second thoughts.  But her rescue from the captain and a fate worse than death by a determined young prospector named Will McManis begins her honest search for true gold.

At the tail end of World War II, Ranger Will McManis patrols an empty Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park, V-J day and his mother’s recent death on his mind. His grandson, five-year-old Chuck, will leave soon, too, off to his father in faraway Denver, school, and a brand-new life, leaving a hole hard to fill.

Will thinks he’s dealt with more change than he needs to already. But out there among the geysers with Chuck one last time, something happens to dwarf it all, and nothing will ever be the same again.

No one ever talks about being left behind, but James McManis knows that one in spades. Not knowing quite why, he felt abandoned all his life. And when his wife died in childbirth, he clung to his son with everything he had. 

But the harder James held on over the years, the more Chuck fought what his father wanted for him.  Until finally one day the boy slipped through his fingers and, in the aftermath of a horrific disaster, vanished altogether. When James discovered what really happened to the son he tried so hard to protect it turned his whole world upside down.

 James needs to learn more.  About his son.  About himself.  About his past, and his future.  But what if the knowledge he gains proves everything he thought real a lie?

Rough outline of marketing plan:

1)  Up till now I've had a hard time figuring out who my ideal reader is.  Now that I have a road map, I want to work on that.

2) I need to work out my media angles.  I need to create a media kit and a press page on my website.

3)  I know this isn't on the official list, but right now what I've got is a hand-coded basic website.  I need to learn how to WordPress my website, so to speak.

4)  I just signed up with HARO, so I need to start working on that.

5)  I need to do further work on my Amazon pages.

6) I definitely need to start pursuing reviews more actively.  The first thing I'm going to do is go back and add review-requesting text to the end of all four books, but I'm not going to stop there.


By the end of November, do my ideal reader exercise, start working on my WordPress conversion, and answer my first HARO request.

By the middle of December:  Finish my WordPress conversion.  Create a media page for my website.  Tweak my Amazon pages.

By the end of December:  Set up a document with the link text to paste into "request for review" emails for all four books.  Learn how to do a LibraryThing ebook giveaway and set one up for "Homesick."  Check into at least three of the resource page's review sources.

Habits to develop:

1)  Answer at least one HARO question per week.  I used to be a librarian, I am a museum curator with a solid background in western American history, U.S. national parks, and solo female travel, and I am knowledgeable in several other fields.  I also have a travel narrative book coming out the first of next year, so I think this will be a good use of my time.

2) Contact at least one reviewer per week.

3) Get back in the habit of blogging again.  Weekly would be good.


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