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Marketing the Art of Mending

My first Skillshare class A Beginners Guide to the Art of Mending: Patch Project was published yesterday and as soon as the class was merchandised properly, and I had the links, I immediately pushed play on a number of marketing tactics I had prepared earlier. 

I'm love analogue planning so I wrote up a timeline for the first 3 weeks of the class and pinned it behind my desk. 


I sent an email through Mailchimp to 270 people who support me as an artist, letting them know about my new direction, and giving both free and premium links.

I launched a new blog site with three posts so far all supporting the class topic and with both free and premium links.

I had spent August building my Instagram followers from 25 to 420, targeting accounts that align with my ideal customers/students for sustainable life skills. I spent the week prior to launching the class sprinkling teasers in among my 2-3 posts/per day and then I posted an announcement to the class and another link to one of my first blog posts: 15 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Mend.  My plan on instagram is to post something relating to the class or the blog once every day or two for the coming weeks, alongside my usual diversity of content so that my feed doesn't become just one big promotion.

I've done a few other bits and pieces of marketing on and off Skillshare as well in the past 24 hours, and my student numbers are up to 18. Still trying to get to the magic 25 as soon as possible so I'm just carrying on working steadily through my marketing plan. Chop wood, carry water. Its doing the basics consistently and well that will pay off, or so I understand.

Here's a free link to my class: Please come and enroll!



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