Marketing strategy - sales funnel

Marketing strategy - sales funnel - student project

Name of the Business: The Bold Navy

Products: athleisure clothes  

The ultimate goal of the funnel: find new customers and earn their trust.

Is your business location specific? Specific to New Zealand.

Target audience(s): 20 to 35 year olds. Their interests include fitness and self-improvement and fashion. They are aspirational. 


Proposed Strategy 

Product/Market Fit: Having no workout clothes to having workout clothes. Feeling motivated to be consistent in being active. Pain point of uncomfortable workout clothes.

Traffic Source: Facebook and Instagram ads

Lead Magnet: Receive discount code by signing up on the website.

Tripwire: None

Core Offer: Buy clothing at a discounted price.

Profit Maximizer:  Show similar items customer would like 

Marketing strategy - sales funnel - image 1 - student project