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Marketing my travel blogging course

Day 1:

My first Skillshare course, Being a Travel Blogger (Even When You're Not Traveling!) launched on 1/29. So far, for marketing I've:

* Told close friends and family and given them a free enrollment link
* Told the travel bloggers whom I feature in the course about it and given them a free enrollment link
* Advertised the course in some of my Facebook groups and offered a limited number of free enrollment links
* Tweeted about 3x per day
* Started a Twitter giveaway based on retweets
* Posted about the course in my Insta
* Created a cover photo

My big goal is to get 25 active people in the group, so other travel bloggers or bloggers. 

A few things I hadn't done but have now:

* Updated my profile to reflect why I am qualified to talk about traveling and blogging.
* Connected my Facebook

Day 2: 

I've sent out more free enrollment links to people I'm close to. I'm thinking of posting an Instagram image with a limited number of free enrollment links. I'm also going to sit down and list out some folks who I don't talk to regularly but who might still be willing to help me out and enroll.

Day 3:

I shared my class on my personal Facebook profile for the first time and offered free enrollment to the first 10 who sign up. I've mostly been using Twitter to promote the class, since that's where I'm connected with the most other travel bloggers. I've also added a side banner to my blog to promote the course.

Overall, slow but steady growth. Nearly 100 views of the class today, 5 new enrollments, and a superb review.

Day 4:

Made it past 25! My next big goal will be reviews. I am going to try to encourage people I know who've signed up to leave a review.

For other marketing tips, I sent everyone (~75 people) an email about my class. I'm also going to turn to LinkedIn and see if I have any contacts there who would be interested in the course.

Day 5:

I feel like I got a little lazy today and only had 3 additional enrollments. I also realized that my cover image wasn't the most effective—it didn't take up the entire width of the image space, and it was hard to read. So, I re-did it and have already seen a difference in the number of people checking out the class and signing up:


I am also going to push a few of the people I know in the class to leave a review this weekend.

Day 6:


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