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Marketing my online gift shop

UPDATE: I am still interested in doing the project but I need to buy a stand for my tablet. My phone won't work as I have a sucky phone! haha Once I get the stand, I will complete the project. I am hoping to take my time as my normal process is to rush thru. I haven't forgotten about it.

I am doing a whole revamp of my online shop. Its a nice shop but it doesn't stand out or garner any special attention! I took a step back and some time to learn all that's out there- and I came up with a great idea for marketing and changing the personality of the business.... I am trying a new approach but I am lacking in skills and funds- so I have to get busy learning and mastering the things I can do myself while paying freelancers to take the other tasks off my hands that I can afford to pay for.

I did learn "HOW" stop-motion works thru this class however, I am at a beginner, BEGINNER stage and so I felt it was a little sparce on content for my liking... I do have a great idea but I am unsure if I will be able to execute and complete it, or if it'll even look good at the end...

I don't have a fancy enough smartphone to do the project on my smart phone. I refuse to buy a phone for $600+ dollars. Call me old- but I can't do it. My son has one, but I doubt he would allow me to commodere his phone for an extensive amount of time, as I am assuming some trial and error will be part of this project. But I had a solution... I could use my tablet. Low and behold, I was one of the stupid people who bought a blackberry playbook. Ugh! Come to find out Vine does not have an app for blackberry... So I will have to use something I already have, so I am going to use windows movie maker and my playbook for taking the pics. (I found the playbook DOES take nice pics- that's probably all it does nice!).

My idea is for a box to be wrapped as a gift, given to someone, then unwrapped and have confetti shoot out of it (to convey the feeling and excitement you get when you unwrap a gift and its something you love). My issue is the confetti. I have not seen a fix for how to do confetti... I have search for ideas on how to easily do a confetti shot that doesnot require extensive photo/video editing ability... I will however work on my project and come up with something to do at the end and I will post.

Hopefully all goes smoothly... Pray for me ya'll! It may take me awhile to complete but this is something that I really do want to do.



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