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Marketing my first class - Introduction to Crochet: Learn How to Make a Simple Bracelet


I published my first class on 29th September - Introduction to Crochet: Learn How to Make a Simple Bracelet.  I'm aiming to reach 25 students (then hopefully more!), so far 7 students have enrolled and I have 2 positive reviews.

This is how I have been marketing my class so far:

I have created a free enrolment link to my class for 20 people (none of these have been used yet) and another free enrolment link for 1 person which I sent to a family member to use.

I wrote a blog post about my class and have been sharing my class on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. I have shared a few different images on Facebook and Instagram, as well as a mini video from the class.  I also shared the introduction video to the class on Youtube and on my blog.

This is one of the images I shared on Facebook / Instagram...


I haven't had many students yet and I'm not sure if it is because my marketing attempts are not reaching many people or if the class is not appealing to them.  The class is short (10 minutes) and aimed at teaching the very basics of beginning to crochet.  I am planning to teach at least 2 more crochet classes, each building on this initial class by teaching more stitches and techniques.  I will try to get my second class published as soon as possible.

Any feedback or advice you have is welcome!


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