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Marketing my "Still Life Photography" class

Alright, so I have posted my class yesterday. And its a great feeling that I actually made it all way through =) 

Anyway, today (16.02.16) I have posted this picture to my Facebook and Instagram 

Here is a link to the free 50 enrolments 


Majority of my Instagram followers are non english speakers, so I dont think I will get quite a s many people from there, but it never hurts a try, right? =)

I have also sent the promo link to a few friends who are not really on social media. 

Update 17.02.16

So, I think I've done as much as I could with content advertising. Frankly speaking I did not expect such a response from my social media =D

At first people just enrolled for support, then, I guess for the fact that class is free, and then I started to get subscriptions from people I don't know, as some of my followers on both FB and IG shared the news.

So right now I have 88 students and I start to get people from skillshare platform too, which is exciting. Im not really sure, however about next steps. I still have a few free enrollment places left, so I think I will send those to some of my friends via email (the ones I haven't contacted yet =) I think I have done most of my merchandising staff. Although Im working on a short portfolio of my work, as most of my pictures are scattered all over - flickr, Instagram, Facebook, blog

I have friends writing me, that they liked the class and that makes all the efforts of past month so much worthwhile =)

Update 21.02.16

I received first student project yesterday. Yay! 

I have also updated my profile and added a link to portfolio of my works. And I kind of thinking of doing the next class already =D


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