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Marketing my Newest Class

Hi Neil!  I have taken this course before, but wanted a refresher as I just published a new class, Embellishment for Illustration.  I think it's been about a year, so it was helpful for me to reconnect with the knowledge you share here.  Here are my 3 favorite tips from the class:

1).  AMA's and Workshops have been removed, but that doesn't stop me from hosting contests to create similar buzz in my courses.  I have done at least 5 contests now, and it is getting my classes some increasing engagement over and above the norm, which I think is the idea behind the AMA's and Workshops in general.  The prizes do require some investment on my part, but for now, I am enjoying them thoroughly.

2).  Make really good classes was a challenge I took to heart the first time I watched the class.  Since then, I have taken the time to put more detail and pack my videos with as much teaching and examples as I can.  I have added bonus videos as well to add even more value, which I also learned from taking your courses Neil.  : )

3).  Notes is something new to me.  I would really like to get my head into them this year and see how it changes the engagement.

Again thanks for another wonderful class!!!


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