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Marketing my Miniature Bookbinding Class!

So far I am up to 9 students, which I'm happy about....but, I reaalllly want to get to 25+ students!

Class link: http://skl.sh/297evfY

The only place on social media I have followers is Pinterest, so I pinned my project there and got exactly zero interest ha oh dear! 


I've also posted my intro video to YouTube with a link to my class.

I think discussing my project on the 'June Teach Challenge' pages has helped gain nearly all students so far.

Update: As of the 4th, I made the class free and gained a couple of students.

Not sure what else to do!

Update: As of the 6th, I've written a post on my blog but I'm not sure I have had anyone enrol from there yet...we'll see. 

Up to 15 students now...10 to go to reach my goal!


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