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Marketing my Homemade Photo Tile Coasters Class

Hi Everybody!

So my Coasters class has been out for a week now: Yay! And I keep thinking of new things I can do to market it and improve it more. 

The first thing I realized after I uploaded it was that my title slides were terrible! 


I know, super boring. So yesterday I finally had time to make up new ones, and I feel so much better about them! I created one for the introduction video and another to use as the title slides for the rest of the videos. 



I also went ahead and shared my class on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The unfortunate thing about Fb though, is that nobody want to click on links. So I decided I needed to make an even shorter promo video. One that would play automatically in everybody's feed and would have subtitles in it. So I made this video:

Hopefully this grabs a little bit more attention and looks better in the feed. 



I also wanted to show people some other examples of the types of coasters they could make. So I went and made my own class project and made some new coasters. Hopefully this encourages people to post projects too. 


Next up... I need to figure out how to get more attention outside of my own following. I think I've annoyed all of my followers enough, lol


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