Inez Jordan

Emotional Intelligence Coach



Marketing for my Emotional Intelligences Courses on SkillShare

Hello Everyone, 

To market my class, I started with friend and family on Facebook and my gmail account.  I think put a link on my facebook business page.  it seems I also got a boost of students when I made comments on my LinkedIn Group and Twitter pages about the launching of my class for those that were interested in the topic of Emotional Intelligence.  I am up to 44 students.   

I am a bit disappointed because the class was offered for free.  However, it has allowed me to have built my following up to 50.  So that is a great thing. 

I also enrolled in several Skillshare courses for new teacher that provided great information on choosing the right category for my class and how Skillshare calculates the royalties.  It was very informative.  

My 2nd class is trending now.  Very exciting. 



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