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Marketing for an artist who just wants the kid to play.


Questions Part 1

1. What is Marketing?

Build a connection between what I offer and those who value it.Tell my story to people that can relate to me by the emotions that bind us all.

The emotions that bind us all are:

love, appreciation, fear, imagination, comfort, happiness

Growing up is invevitable but we should never stop "playing" I recently started drawing and painting again. I am an artist . I want to share my art with the world through my journey. I really need to go back to the chilhood carefree days where a cardboad box becomes a flight to mars. I hand letter, watercolor and write. I want to teach, give speeches and publish picture books to the kid in all of us.

2. What are we aloud to touch?

I want to build an organic audience. I want to be humble and by sharing my story I can recruit others to join the adventure. I draw on childhood experiences and want to apprroach the basic experiences.

                                                             Sample of a work in progress


I don't want to come off like a salesman. My art is for all of us really-much like Dr. Seus and Eric Carl's work.

3. What can we measure?

I have a blog that is a journal to my story. I teach classes. Currently I measure the comments and positive feedback on skillhare. I can look at subscribers and look at the most popular posts to see what my audience likes most.

4. What can we change?

I want to change perceptions?  Maybe I don't want to change perception. Maybe that playfulness and adventure is there within us but we need to be motivated to play more?

I don't want to be another self- help strategy that says you are broken and here's how to fix you. I want to be a reminder that you have eveything you need. Remember that kid who dreams and dares.  

5.  What promise am I going to make?

I am going to keep this real and truly be about letting the kid play. I am going to tell my story and that will take tremendous faith.  I simply want to share my love with who ever wants to listen. This will always be my mission.

Let the kid play.

Golden Rule

see others an god does and see myself as god does.

Mission: Draw with the heart of an adventurous kid! Let the Kid Play!

6. What is the hard part?

I am going to tell my story and that will take tremendous faith. I have to let the creativity flow and break the rules so to speak. Break away from the labels and doubt.


Advice Please Thanks!

Questions Part 2

7.Should I follow a trend?

I plan on creating an online master class for lettering: design, business, writing, and art  From this aspect I surely want to  follow the trend. I also want to create one in a sense.  My  art does fit in the category self help but I don't want to be part of this you are broke and here' s how to fix you mentality. I want to appeal from a standpoint that you have all you need just let the kid play a little more.

Your thoughts would be awesome.

8. Who is in charge?

 Customs are in charge because I need to observe and listen. I need to observe and listen to children so I can be reminded of growing up.

9. What is the risk?

I run the risk of focusing so much on business that I lose what my art is really all about. I want to keep playing and drawing from those childhood experiences. Children aren't worried about the money  but I have to be. Getting lost in the depression of not being appreciated.

10. What is the money for?

Invest in the supplies ( toys) that are going to keep the kid playing. I want to purchase a domain for my own blog and website.

How do you spend your time?

I need to spend my time drawing and use social media to hare my love of lettering and watercolor.

I want to learn the basic design elements and continue to work on my art everyday! I now realize that I need to spend less time taking ow to letter courses and more time actually drawing, writing and painting.

Action Theory of Marketing


Can you invent something that people want?

Water, Food, Shelter-Needs

  • Emotion
  • Change
  • Alert
  • Share

Emotion of Delight

My theory is that when we behave in the heart of a kid we can live to our full potential. If you have been around children you know that they are adventurous, and differences don't even exist in their world. They love everyone and are carefree. I want to appeal to that child within all of us...

Cause a customer to change

Sadly being a kid is something we stop doing as we grow up. This is the part that stops us from living our full potential and with purpose. I want to create designs that appeal to all those care free moments when a cardboard box became that spaceship that flew us to the moon. 

Here is an example:

I am working on this design but hopefully it has made you smile. This design is playful and I can see the children reading it and excited about guessing what the symbols mean.


Permission Marketing

Develop an audience the organic way. Tell my story and gain an audience then gradually introduce my products. I loved art since I was a kid. I did go to school for business and my focus was on marketing. I always loved art and I recently made the decision to let the kid play and go back to drawing and painting. As I awaken the spirit of being a kid I want to share that with others as well.


My blog is a place where I can share my art and my humble beginning. I want people to relate to me.  I believe this can only happen with me showing my work however messy it may be. 

Candy Gram Idea- I loved getting these in middle school. My idea is to create art prints that are really oversized greeting cars and add a piece of sour candy for just because.

My blog is here:

Action Theory

Brand 1 


Vanes continues to about skating and this shoe for fun.  Ad is simple and easy to remember. They have a black and white logo. I recall commercials where skaters would do these awesome tricks and all the kids at school had them. I remember they gave out stickers that you can stick on your binder.

I think of these huge skate arenas and the competition in Huntington beach comes to mind. They area also at the mall. The checkered black box as well.

Vans are an iconic shoe that is always in style. They are more than a shoe it's a lifestyle.


Where's the beef?

Wendy's is fast food but caters to the customers who still want good quality meat.  I remember the commercials and loved them. I still remember.  I was very young then. These burgers are close to home made and taste much better than other burgers. They have square patties.

Klondike Bar


I just remember the song.  I just wanted to have one and when I did I knew exactly what the commercial was in reference to. These are so good. I have seen the commercial on tv. 

Newer Brands


Toms are a very popular shoe. Yes they are cute and stylish but what I love most and define them by is that for every shoe you buy a pair goes to a child who has none. I love this. They also have a simple logo and the blue tag  logo is cool. You get a free little draw string bag with every shoe and a sticker.


I can think of a song...when you wish upon a star. I think of my favorite ride This reminds me of growing up and just to enjoy every moment. I have seen commercials on tv and I get emails. I have a pass. I am reminded by the Christmas cookie decorating and other events that got cancelled because of Star Wars. Recently I left my hat on a ride and you know that Disneyland took a report and called when it was found. They even mailed it to me! That's the service I am talking about.


Love this little guy and the commercials. How interesting it is to here him talk. This is all I think about when I see this ads on tv.

Interesting research here. I had an easy time recalling brands in my youth but it took some time for current ones? What does this say about how times have changed. Marketing is not just about buying space on tv or something like this. Marketing is about  going beyond a creating an experience that involves the consumer/customer.  Vans is a great example because they are still popular today.

Insurance like no other. I think this appeals to the kid in all of us. Its appealing to the animal lovers.

                                                      Patagonia Project

Baed on these pictures I believe


given the name and the pictures it caters to People like us- hikers and such.

I also believe Purple because your coat can be repaired and last a long time and even be recycled. Makes me think of grandma who sows- or even mom.

Patagonia has a  purpose that has nothing to do with making money. I does but it seems they have this approach of making a difference

Their mission is clear on this.

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Place is also prevalent 

.Patagonia sponsorship 

you donate goods to those who are out there protecting the environment and they need gear...awesome way to give and build awareness of product  and more importantly the product.

                      5 Ps of Marketing

1. Positioning

what is the fair price? What does the market of the people who care look like?

xy diagram 

find a niche and fill it- the uncola

2. Price:

People pay more than 99% mark-up. They buy the value.

3. Placement:

Where am I going to give away my product? Where can I place it where people will notice it.

(Water bottle)

4. Promotion:

5. Purple:

Give to share. Everything I do must be about my mission

6. Permission:

cvs card

7. Publicity

Where do I go

8. PR

The story you are going to tell


If you think it works it will.

10. Pavlov

11.Persistence: FREQUENCY + Consistency

12. Place:

What its like to be with you?

13. personalization:

Treat People differently

14. People like us.

What gets me the most here is reminding others of their childhood.

This is exactly what I want to do.

The 3 to focus on are

 How will I tell my story

Purple- I want to tell my humble beginning and recall on my childhood experiences and help others relate. Everything I do is through the heart of an adventurous kid. Kids love everyone and they want to help and every little thing makes them happy.

I have to carry this philosophy from the language on my blog to the way I package my art.

For these reasons above I need to have persistence and offer personalization. I have to engage and build trust-just show up  .

Maybe this here is Placebo


I have to find a way to be in the place where my market is. The problem is where do I find them.


I like this idea better.  Creating printable art that is also expensive?



                                                another possible ideas?






Possible Ideas

Build audience with teaching art.

Create art that I childlike and inspires others to create their own art.

Art that can be customizable

This is where I am at so far and I welcome your ideas and input.  Please comment and I will be sure to do the same. I still need to finish as I am on video 17


  • redesign my blog. I will create a catchy song or poem that describes my mission and what I believe in
  • writing a book will help me tap in to my audience
  • tell my story with childhood experiences
  • I am going to live by the golden rule and every aspect of the business will be about the golden rule and from the heart of kid.
  •  I will redesign little lemonade studio with a personal- a character- she is little lemon and she will have a lemonade stand play set-kids love that
  • I will use the above idea to create a ambiance for all websites, products and so on. 



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