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Marketing for Home Canning 101: Pickled Vegetables and Relishes

My Class is here: and I am at 23 students (so close!) I have a very small personal Facebook following (maybe 250 in total), and in the time the class has been live, I have not really understood how to build up my following to get the enrollments. This course is exactly what I needed. I have a second course on Berry Syrups that is newer and has fewer students but I think enrollment there could be pulled up if I work on marketing my pickling class. I could be persuaded to do a 3rd course if I can get some results from the first 2.

My To Do List:

1. Re-post Free Link to Facebook Friends and a Facebook Group I belong to. DONE 1/4 for Pickles only. May do Syrups later.

2. Set course to Free in Skillshare DONE 1/4. Will keep Syrups as Premium for now.

3. Re-work Tags (I really did not do these well; I used terms that were too precise.) DONE 1/4, also for Syrups. Keying partial words helps bring up what I want, and I can see how many followers there are for that tag. So for example, Culinary is great, but Pickles doesn't have anyone.

4. Reach out to my existing students and ask them to post reviews, post projects (once we can get fresh veggies in the Spring), and let me know what other courses they might be interested in.

5. Check Profile and Headline - DONE 1/4

6. Connect my Skillshare account to Facebook if it is not already - DONE 1/4

7. Check Class Description. DONE 1/4

8. Figure out how to add notes to some videos.  ***What would I say?

9. Create my own project. Make sure that goes out to FB, too. DONE 1/4. Will do one for Syrups after I see if I can get pictures from my friend from the Elderberry Syrup Party we held at her school kitchen.

10. Get my daughter to upload images from her laptop...I have nothing on my machine. :-) DONE 1/4



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