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Marketing for Doodle Art class


500 students have enrolled in less than 2 weeks since publishing my first Skillshare class: Doodle Art: Basics and Beyond!

Here's the enrollment link:

I wrote this blog post which may help you with marketing your class:

5 Tips For Getting More Students On Skillshare

Here are some of the ideas that I wrote down before my class was published, which I planned to carry out (and did carry out) in order to market my class. Hope these ideas help you guys grow your student base as well! 

I plan to email my family and friends with a free enrollment link asking them if they would please support me by enrolling for free, and state that it's not necessary to enter their credit card details. I think that most of my friends and family would do that for me.

Of my closer friends and family, I would ask if they would be willing to sign up for a 3-month premium membership for $0.99, and explain to them how they can cancel the automatic subscription renewal if they wish to do that. I'd probably talk to them in person too to make sure my explanation was clear and of course I'd tell them that if they don't feel comfortable with it, that's totally fine. 

I would share some snippets of video and some enticing photos from the class, and some behind the scenes photos, on my instagram account, @artonthefridge, sharing my excitement about teaching a new class and adding an enrollment link and a premium membership sign up link. I think if the focus isn't just "please enroll in my class" then I could add these links across several posts spread out over time.

I already have 1,300 followers on instagram, as I've been posting my doodles regularly for about a year now, and using hashtags, commenting on other artists' and hobbyists' posts, and growing the community of doodle appreciators :-)

I plan to create a twitter account and perhaps a facebook page and to post to there what I post on instagram, for potential students and followers who use those social media platforms.

I'd also ask closer friends if they were willing to spread the word about my class to their friends by email, and on social media. I'd prepare a friendly text and photos for them to use.

In my class itself, I plan to encourage my students to create a project even when they've just started practicing, and at the end of the class, ask them to leave a positive review if they enjoyed the class.

Also I try to be generous with my comments, feedback and communication with fellow skillshare teachers. I try my best to be helpful and honest, and I truly am excited about the classes I enroll to and the new teachers I follow. I already have 24 followers just from the two weeks of participating in the July Teach Challenge and actively commenting on the discussion group. I didn't do it in order to get followers, but in order to help out where I can and learn from other teachers' ideas and feedback (I've learned a lot). Getting followers was just a nice bonus on top of the satisfaction of having wonderful discussions about topics I'm excited about, and feeling that sometimes I could be of help to others, and definitely getting valuable help from others to make my class heaps better!

encourage people to follow me here on Skillshare if they would like to be notified when my class is out. 

Starting out as a teacher on Skillshare has been a wonderful and rewarding experience so far!



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