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Marketing Understood | From Chaos To Clarity

Marketing Understood is an authority website and education tool that elimiates marketing overwhem for entrepreneurs.  We do this by providing relevant and contextual information and training that answers one marketing question/issue  at a time. Our mission is to take entrepreneurs from chaos to clarity.

Over the last three years I have worked with several hunderd small business owners.  Most are overwhelmed and are looking for a silver bullet.  They are strapped for cash, struggling and unprepared for the barage of sales pitches and shiney objects being pitched to them.  They want to succeed but don't know who to trust and where to turn.  There is no plan, no conneectivity between moving parts and less accountability for results.  Entrepreneurs are throwing time and money at a wall and, like spagetti, hoping that something will stick. 

We will  have four levels of deliverables: 

  1. Free Content
  2. Recorded Single Topic Trainings and Education
  3. Live Events
  4. Private Mentoring/Consulting

To acheive these deliverables, we will partner with marketing professionals and help them hone and deliver their content through this platform.


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