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Marketing To The Fort Wayne Area

Insights from previous audience research in Fort Wayne:

1. Fort Wayne residents prefer to work with businesses that they believe will be in Fort Wayne for the long haul.

2. Some Fort Wayne folks feel like they need to go to Indianapolis to get the "real deal." 

The story we want to tell is that in 2015, we plan on opening an office in Fort Wayne. We are bringing the Indianapolis training to Fort Wayne. Over the past few years, Fort Wayne has been growing. We have found that there is a lot of potential to help contribute to the economic growth. Lushin started in the market 1 day a week and now we are up to 2 days with the greater commitment likely in the near future. 


 1.Press Release for it and we are going to

2. Create a web page which will be on the top navigation for Fort Wayne. The purpose of the page will be to capture this story of us moving to Fort Wayne with the call to action to be sign up for a workshop or contact Gerry. We will also provide a place for people to sign up for Fort Wayne News.

3. Get some press. We will pitch it to the IBJ and Fort Wayne Business Weekly. 

4. Test some Fort Wayne Business ads along with LinkedIn and Facebook ads in Fort Wayne which will tie back to the Fort Wayne Landing Page. 

5. Share any ideas around awareness, but we want to get this story off the ground.


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