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Marketing Project for the Doodled Rooster Art Class

6/30/16  Class went live:  The Doodled Rooster

7/1/16 : Facebook 'note', and Blog post. Link to Paint Party Friday as usual but provide link to the class sign up. Send shot blast to my art customers, and people who have signed up for the list at art shows.


"I am so excited to announce the first in a new series of Art for Everyone classes - all taught online. Join me on Skillshare by using the link below and receive a special discount ! " Provide link obviously.  - 7/1- I discovered a way to Promote the Class giving away 'free' classes.... but the original class has to be premium.... This got me 'one' instant student... ! hey - if every method can bring a student, I just need to find 25 unique ways to do this !  :)

7/2/16: Post to various Crafting websites (craftster etc.) and groups that I belong to on Facebook (coloring class, doodle group, tangle group etc) that the first in a series of art classes is available.

Repeat every 3rd day throughout the month.  Make little 'news' bits like "25 students" Yeah... - etc as the class grows. Share some of the better project results with facebook groups


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