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Marketing Project for Let's Make Friendship Bracelets! Class 1: Easy Candy Stripe Patterns for Beginners- 100 STUDENT MILESTONE REACHED!

UPDATE: I'm very pleased to report that after just a little over 2 weeks, I've now reached the 100 student milestone! As recommended in the class, I still continued my marketing and networking efforts after reaching the first 25 students! :-)


UPDATE: I'm very happy to say that I've now reached the 25 student milestone! :-)


In my case, with a very small (or pretty much almost no) following off of Skillshare, it took me about 2.5 days of nearly constant marketing, as well as networking with my fellow Skillshare challenge participants, to reach this number.

I found that what worked the best by far was interacting and networking with other people on Skillshare. Contacting my friends off of Skillshare worked somewhat, but not as well as I'd hoped, because I've found that people don't sign up very fast (and the less-computer-literate ones have problems successfully signing up); some of my friends still haven't gotten around to signing up yet!

Posts via my own Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts/pages didn't bring in any enrollments at all yet, probably because I don't have much of a social media following. However, once I reached the 25-student milestone and made my class premium, I was able to join and share free links to my class in a Facebook group that shares free links to premium Skillshare classes to continue marketing, and that was a lot more successful.

Making targeted coupons for each of the different places/groups of people I've been marketing to has been a big help in determining where the sign-ups are coming from, which has been giving me a lot of information on what is and isn't working marketing-wise.


Hi Everyone! I just hit the Publish button on my Friendship Bracelets class (which I've been working on for both the June and July Teach Challenges) a few minutes ago! How exciting and a little scary all at once! If you're interested, I'd really appreciate it if you could enroll and help me get the class to start trending - here are both free and premium links:

Since I currently have a very small following outside of Skillshare, I'm making my class free at the start until I get 25 people. At that point, I'll switch it over to a Premium class.

My first step so far has been to make a free enrollment link specifically for people within Skillshare, and to first update my class project in the July Teach Challenge and Teach an Amazing Skillshare Class" class to announce that my class is now published and include both the free link and a premium link. I also made the announcement in the discussion areas for the Teach Challenge and the class.

My next step (which I'm doing right now) is to create a Class Project in this marketing class, putting the same links in this project as well. Next, I'll probably also go add a discussion in the discussion area for this class, announcing that this class is published and giving these same links there as well.

After this, I'm going to make different groups of targeted free coupons (which I be sure to label separately so I can track where sign-ups are coming from) for Facebook in general, some different groups/pages within Facebook, Twitter, different groups of my friends, and so on. I'll come back and update this project as I go along.


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