Dr. Ross Wirth

Professor, Org Change & Strategic Planning



Marketing Project - Reach 25 Students!

Tentative text that will be customized as needed: 

I just put the finishing touches on my first online course “Leading change – Getting started with a Philosophy of Change.” This is the first of a series of courses to provide just-in-time training for those facing the need to manage an organizational change initiative.

Free access is currently available at http://skl.sh/2ak3HMc so I can get some feedback on how I can further improve the content delivery and help organizations through their change initiatives. (After the initial free access, a $0.99 3-month trial membership is available at http://skl.sh/2aAR7e4 )

Initial action items:

1. Add a status update to my Facebook page - already done.

2. Add a status update to my LinkedIn profile - done

3. Add my status update to Google+ - done 

4. Reword my course and project descriptions to increase conversion rate (window shopper to enrolled student). - done, waiting on results 

5. Reach out to my LinkedIn contacts currently working in HR to ask them how to best target managers needing training on leading organizational change - preparing contact list.

6. Modify my personal web site to lay the foundation for this and future courses.

7. Promote in LinkedIn groups (TBD).


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