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Marketing Plan for Eternal Bond Week One

Book Description:

Infected with the black death, Elizabeth Rothchild believes the last time she closes her eyes she will be standing before St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.  Instead, she's bitten by a vampire and reborn "Clara" savior and sacrifice for the damned.  Possessed by an unearthly urge to feed on blood, she desperately tries to find her way out of this hex before succumbing to eternal damnation. 

Return to a time where magic was real and death lurked around every corner.

Creating Cover, Title, and Subtitle:

Improving Author Bio:


Creating Media Kit:

Media Kit:

Excersize 1: The Ideal Reader

1.     How old is your ideal reader?  17 years.

2.      Male or female? Female.

3.     Where do they live?  City, suburbs etc.  Describe the place a little.

She lives in the burbs a boring cul du sac far from any real excitement. 

4.     Married, in a relationship or single? Single.  Who does their immediate family consist of?  Mother, father, siblings.

5.     What’s his or her life like? What do they do for work?  What do they do on the weekends and evenings?  Mundane, she works in a boring cafeteria job at the campus for minimum wage.  When she has nights off she likes to watch television or hang out with friends.  If not, she reads the nights away. 

6.     What are their guilty pleasures? Clothes and books.

7.     What type of car do they drive?  She doesn’t driv


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