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Marketing My Healthy Breakfast Classes

Here is the link to my class:

UPDATE Nov. 4th, 2016

My New Class Weekend Family Breakfast: Apple Hazelnut Waffles (Can Also Be Pancakes) is published and I already have 70+ Students! ;) Come over and have a look!


I have 117 Students now and my class doesn't trend anymore, because there are too little enrollments and I guess too little student activity. 

What I did:

- Continued giving good advice (winning the 25 $ gift carde gave me a little boost)

- Posting in facebook groups every now and then

- starting pre launch marketing for my next class

- support from other teachers I helped out with information, or with a sketch or something like that and they would promote my class as a thank you

- post about the making process of my second class and recipes I cooked in the meantime on facebook and instagram.

- that's pretty much it. I have to keep looking for English cooking or health facebook groups to promote my class there.


Currently I have 65 Students.

I reached 25 Students about 36 hours after publishing my class. I ranked at Nr. 33 for a short time. Now I am approx. at 66 of all classes and Nr. 2 in Culinary Category.

What I did:

Post images of the class project and of the filming process in social media.

Asking other skillshare teachers who told me, that they would enroll in my class to follow me so they would get informed, once I published my class.

Asking family and friends per Email and personally to enroll in my class and make projects and reviews.

Posting the class in Facebook groups with free links.

Insisting at family and friends to really enroll and to really make reviews.

Posting the class on my facebook profile and my business page. Posting my 0.99 cent link in other facebook groups. 

To get more projects, I started a contest, but I don't know about the outcome right now...

I'll still continue posting on social media and writing emails to people I know.

I'll search for English facebook groups, where I can post the class. 


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