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Marketing My First Skillshare Class

My class is called Fantasy Portraits with Pastel Pencils.

Here is a link to my class...


Week 1:

Here are the steps I've taken to market my class.

  • I made my class available for FREE for a limited time only (1-4 months) 

  • I included a Class Title, Class Description, Project Description and an example Class Project



  • I created a Profile Bio and and Headline 


  • I created a short trailer and uploaded it to my Instagram account; I used the class referral link in the post; and I tagged @skillshare in the post

  • I added 3-4 notes to each video lesson highlighting some key points 

  • I added pictures of my work from the class to my Instagram account and Facebook to give people more of a preview of my class; I also tagged @skillshare in each post

My results:

  • 7 enrolments after the first day
  • 10 enrolments and one positive review after three days
  • My class has received 299 views after four days but I only have 11 enrolments out of those views
  • 3 more enrolments for day four and another positive review. 
  • After one week my class has 20 enrolments

Below is a screenshot of my class stats after one week of being live...


Week 2:

The Journey Continues...

I have been looking at new crafts classes that have been trending and have noticed a common theme - a number of classes have titles that include words or phrases like "Beginners", "Basics", or "Anyone Can". This got me thinking that I may be loosing potential students because my class is not as accessible to them as I had hoped. Despite trying to aim the class at beginners I don't think the title gets that message across. I'm afraid students may take one look at the title and cover image and say "I can't do that" and move on. So I've decided to change the title to... "A Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Portraits with Pastel Pencils"... and perhaps change the cover image. 

  • Title has been changed and the Class Description has been tweaked (see below)

"Whether you are new to drawing or have enjoyed sketching and working with pencils for many years I encourage you to try my class for a familiar yet new sketching experience. In this class you will learn basic tips and techniques for drawing portraits and working with pastel pencils. At the end of the class you will have completed a fantasy inspired portrait with pastel pencils and coloured card. I can’t wait to start this journey with you all. Let’s start creating!" 

Enrolments have stalled at 22 students.

  • Shared my finished product on Pinterest with a link to my class. 


Enrolments slowed way down but my class finally reached the 25 student enrolment today! Below is a screenshot of my class stats depicting the class' progress to this milestone... 


Final Thoughts...

I have 52 enrolments after roughly one month of my class being live. It's been a gradual process with a couple of enrolments every couple of days or so. I've made the class Premium now and am interested to see how this affects enrolments. I'm starting to slowly build an Instagram account and following and hope this will boost enrolments and traffic to my Skillshare page. I'm also continuing to upload my work onto Facebook.

This has been an amazing and exciting journey! I've learned so much and have gained confidence in my artistic abilities. I've even got an idea for a second class now and can't wait to get started. 


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