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Marketing My First Class

My first class:

Here is the post on my personal Facebook to friends and family:

OK folks, so recently I joined a site called Skillshare where people post classes that teach you specific skills. These skills could be anything from creative art to culinary to design to business skills. Really just about anything.
I created my first class and I wanted to share it with you all. It's called Create A Custom Deck of Playing Cards Using Only Free Tools! I have a website about card magic and cardistry, so I decided a custom deck would be a great way to promote it. Now I can teach YOU how to do the same.
Using only free tools, I show you how to create a custom card back (to the exact specifications required) and then use a certain website to create and publish that deck for you. The only cost is the production/shipping - everything else is free.
This is a great idea for any business (promotional), a youth sports team, family (wedding, new baby, reunion), or just for fun! Anyone can do it, and I'll even show you my finished product.
So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out the course. In fact, I'll pass along some free passes. There's only 100 of them, which is more than enough. Do me a favor, check out the link, enroll in the course! Even if you don't use it to create your own deck, you'll have the knowledge to do so if ever the situation arises.
If you think the course was valuable, make sure to choose the "recommend to friends" within the course and give me a good review. It really helps me and the course.
Anyway, here's the free coupon link to check it out:

Other than that, I've personally talked to friends about the class and they were interested. I'm also trying my Twitter and Instagram accounts, but I don't have a ton of followers.


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