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Elaine Huggins

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Marketing My Coaching Business

Using the Decoy Effect, I've come up with these pricing packages:

1 Session = 60$

3 Sessions = 165$

6 Sessions = 300$


Using the Reciprocity Principle, for my coaching business website, I would use a blog format that answers common questions that people come to coaches for:

What do I do about a spouse that is doing/not doing _______

What do I do about a boss that is doing/not doing ___________

What do I do about a child that is doing/not doing __________

Should I stay in my job or should I look for something else? __________

From this, people who want to discuss their own situation would be likely to contact me!


Using the Endowment Effect with my Coaching business I would:

1. ask people to submit questions that they would like to have answered in my blog, and

2. I would also run a "contest" periodically, like in the beginning of the year ("Start the New Year on a Positive Note-Solve the Problem that's Been Bugging You"), to give away several free packages of 2 coaching sessions each.


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