Zarmina I

Leadership, Design, and Photography



Marketing My Class


My name is Zarmina Islam, a high school student from Canada. I'm very passionate about teaching and giving back to my community as well as learning from others. On Skillshare, I aim to accomplish all my learning and teaching goals!

My 3 Month Publishing Plan

2017 Skillshare Plan

My channel's theme is intricate art. I will also have a second theme for this year, which is health in lifestyle.

Channel's Progress:

So far, I have created 2 classes for Skillshare and will launch my third class by January 30th. My first class was on photography, and my second was based on design.

Can't wait to release my third class, excited for people to learn more from me. My third class teaches beginners about Graffiti and how they can learn this form of art very easily.



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