Marketing My Class - Creating Beautiful Butterflies for Your Kids

I have published my first class "Creating Beautiful Butterflies For Your Kids" on 30th July under July Teach Challenge. I am happy that I did it on time with all the milestones on time. 

Marketing Strategies:  

1)  Email list:

As soon as my class went live on Skillshare, I sent out email with my class premium enrollment link to my email list which is of size approx 50+ email ids collected through out the July.

And to my surprise, within few hours of launch, my class crossed the 25 Student enrollments and in next one day student count became 49 (currently). 

Free Enrollment Link Here: http://skl.sh/2aRgIfT

Premium Enrollment Link : http://skl.sh/29g1DY2

2)  Free Enrollment Link : Facebook Group Marketing

After I got 25 students through my email list, I created free enrollment link for my class and shared it on Facebook groups and got few more enrollments.

Currently, I have 49 Students and I am planning to follow the suggestions given in this Marketing class to get more enrollments. 

I will update the results soon..




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