Tiffany Egbert

Designer, Photographer and Owner at Desert Loom



Marketing Macrame for beginners: Make a Large Macrame Wall Hanging

My class: Macrame for beginners: Make a Large Macrame Wall Hanging

For my launch I did most of my marketing through instagram. I also created a facebook event and gave away 10 free class links. Here is my very first insta announcement post. 


I also did a small IRL workshop demoing the project the day the class launched to build a little bit of buzz on insta which was pretty successful even though the class was super small. Instagram actually picked up my post and started promoting it in the discover section which brought a lot of traffic.



The last big thing I did was create a giveaway through my instagram page for the supplies needed to create the project to draw more people in and also get connected with the students already enrolled in the class. 



I made it to the trending page about a week after launching and now I've enrolled almost 100 students! Yay! I'd say most of my traffic is coming from current skillshare students but the initial push on instagram especially helped me draw in my first bunch of students. 


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