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Marketing Ideas for Bookbinding 101: Create a Pamphlet Stitched Artists Book or Zine

I love all of the Marketing tips here. I have already tried several of them. for my class.

You can find my Zine making class here: http://skl.sh/2d4jFtV

I sent a free enrollment link to friends and family via email with this message: 

Subject: Just for you! Take Bookbinding 101 for FREE on Skillshare


As you may know, I recently posted a new class on Skillshare.com. Its called Bookbinding 101: create a pamphlet stitched artists book or zine. Pamphlet binding is a basic binding technique that is easy to learn and fun to use, and the class is only about 30 minutes long. I would love it if you would check it out, so I am inviting my friends and family to take the class for free this week! Even if you already know how to make a pamphlet bound book, just enrolling in the class, posting the project you made, and/ or leaving a review will really help my class be successful on Skillshare. So please use this link to redeem your free class by Saturday. Just watch the intro and then click enroll:

{link to free enrollment displayed}

You can enroll now and take the class whenever you'd like since there is no time line to complete the class. Just make sure you follow the link and enroll by Saturday October 8th. I hope you'll take the class and enjoy!

Thank you for your support!!

I also posted links to Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In with both the # month membership link as well as a link for the first 25 people to sign up for free. 


I posted this yesterday, but right after i published the class I posted one with a more detailed description. I also posted links in several Facebook groups I follow that have to do with art, printmaking, and bookbinding. 

On Skillshare I have a better cover photo, but for some reason when I share the link it always uses this sort of awkward video still. Not sure how to change that :\

Before my I published my class I had posted this short teaser I made on Youtube and Social Media to promote my class ahead of time:


In addition to these things I have been merchandising my class by giving it an interesting cover image for Skillshare, making sure the tags made sense, Updating my teacher profile, and uploading a Sample Project to the class. I do still have to make some class notes on my videos.

I am up to 14 followers and will hopefully hit 25 soon! 


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