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Marketing How to Make Arancini

I uploaded my class on How to Make Arancini last week. So far I have emailed it to my mailing list subscribers and shared a free link on my personal Facebook account. I have passed 25 students enrolled already and have made a few premium referrals. I will continue the marketing this week with the following:

I am putting together a highlight reel/trailer video that I will share on my blog's facebook page with a link that allows first 20 to enroll for free.

A new post on my blog about the class, and adding links to the class to the existing Arancini recipes on my blog.

Creating graphics for sharing on pinterest and instagram.

Will update this with my progress.

Here is the video trailer I will be positing to my Facebook page with my first 20 free offer:

I reached 50 students tonight in my class!

The most effective thing for getting enrollments so far has been sending the link to my email list.

On my Facebook page, the video trailer got a lot of engagement in terms of views, likes and shares, but no enrollments. A couple of days later I shared just a link(no video) saying "I still have free enrollments left, etc." and that did better than the video, generating a handfull of  enrollments.


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