Serene Tan

Serene Tan



Marketing Class for Simple Chinese and Japanese Home Cooking

Hi!! Cooking is my hobby. I love food. For me, food is not just food simple like that, because when sharing food, actually we are sharing love too. I would like to share how to cook simple but delicious dish. So, everyone can try it at home without failure. 

It's great that everyone can share what we know through here, everyone should not miss the chance, therefore I have introduced Skillshare through sharing the information verbally to my friends and family and i did invite them to join the Skillshare premium by sending emails too. Besides, I have also posted the introduction link on Youtube to let the public to see. 

Youtube Link : Introduction Video 

Here is my Three Months Publishing Plan 

I am focusing on Chinese and Japanese simple home cook dish. The marketing project is especially suitable for beginners who are interested to learn simple Chinese and Japanese cooking. It may give you some ideas for your lunch box too! 


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