Chris Oh

A person who loves to cook for kids



Marketing Class - 3 Color Steam Egg

Marketing My Class

First of all is spreading my class referral link to share about Skillshare and my class to all my close friends and family. This is done through WhatsApp, direct WOM. Many were supportive and interested to know more about what I was doing and what Skillshare is about.

Other than that I am also active on Facebook so I have posted on my timeline again the referral link and also my introduction video on Youtube to talk about my class and Skillshare. This is reach a larger target audience in my network to see how the response is and hopefully build more followers for the long term.

Below is the posting on my Facebook:


This is my 3 Month Publishing Plan

Cooking Theme

I am a mother of 3 kids who loves to cook simple and healthy meals. I loves Asian cooking. My specialty is cooking dishes for family with children.

Whether if you are cooking for yourself or for your family, or whether you are a beginner looking to learn simple to cook dishes or even if you are an experienced cook that is looking for a Asian cooking recipe this class will be perfect for you.

I am excited to share my home cook and healthy meals with you. I hope you will enjoy my class. 


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